Martin Carbaugh

Now more than ever, we need sensible and thoughtful leaders at the Indiana Statehouse. We have big challenges that require bold and tough leadership. As a family man and Business Leader, Martin Carbaugh has focused on getting Hoosiers back to work and will continue to make economic growth his top priority. Martin believes we can create jobs and build our local economy without more wasteful spending and government intervention.

As your State Representative, Martin led the fight to:

  • Push for the largest tax reduction in state history

  • Reduce burdensome regulation by eliminating 40 boards and commissions and over 400 bureaucratic appointments

  • Create a preschool pilot program for low-income families

  • Provide an additional $400 million in funding for expansion and improvement of our state highways

  • Author the bill to end the employment discrimination that our veterans have faced

There is still more work to be done. Martin has a plan to continue driving Indiana’s success:

  • Continue to advocate for proper funding of our public schools while offering parents school choice options for their kids

  • Work to lower the skills gap by bringing a vocational diploma option to all Hoosier high schools

  • Keep our state government limited to the core four responsibilities of education, roads, public safety and medicaid

  • Continue to make Indiana one of the most adoption friendly states in the nation